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Purchased the Viking wooden style barrel mug for my hubby for Christmas. The mug is fantastic! Holds a can and a half of beer. Stays cold and washes up easily. Great addition to the house! Would definitely recommend it. The delivery time was adequate although, it did arrive after Christmas. Easy to navigate website and great follow-up customer service!

Absolutely Incredible

The price is a little steep and there are tons of recreations out there on the internet which worried me after buying. Despite the sellers being slow with contact, they were very helpful and were willing to fully refund me after the knife was delivered if it was poor quality. However, now that I have received the knife I see that despite it being shipped from Hong Kong which had caused me some worry, it is a well-made knife. I do wonder if they are an ethical brand as this knife was 70$. It is a well-made and solid knife, the grinds are well done and do not compromise the structure, and it is a full tang with a beautiful brass handle. Despite the trouble I caused them being crazy thinking i was getting scammed, they were very courteous. I will be buying more from here. Overall great knife, very solid and well weighted, and worth the cost and weight.

Used every day!

Bought this a month ago and it’s still used almost daily on my partners beard. He is part Norwegian and loves anything Viking related so very giftable to him. Fun little gift.

Amazing design; very sharp and easy to use

Love my Raven ring!!

I've been wearing this Raven ring a lot already, and I absolutely love it. I love the "subtle
design of a raven wrapping its wings around my finger, leaves people wondering and wanting to see more!

Also - the quality, as usual with items received from Odin's Treasures, is awesome. The ring is nice and solid, thick material, it is not going to break or wear out anytime soon. (I know we are all a little gunshy from items we've received from other vendors, I just want to say you can ABSOLUTELY TRUST the quality you are getting from Odin's treasures - it is NOT cheap thin bendable metal, these are nice and solid rings).

Also - from an allergy standpoint - since my skin is very sensitive to most metals and materials, I always point out that I'm able to wear this ring for hours and hours and days on end without breaking out or having any kind of allergic reaction, which is some kind of a miracle in itself. There has been no discoloration of skin or ring, and no itching or discomfort of any kind.

I absolutely love this ring and I will no doubt be going back for more =)

Hand-forged Viking Raven Knife

I got this for my husband's Father's Day gift and he really did enjoy it

Hand-forged Viking Raven Knife
Great choice and worth every penny!

My fiancé likes knives, so I got him this. I didn't expect much from it as it's not exactly a super pricey knife, but my fiancé fell in love with it and he absolutely adores it.

The design is beautiful and the sheath is gorgeous, just as pictured. It fits his hands perfectly and he loves the hook at the end with the raven's beak.

Definitely recommend it as a gift.

The Haft is very sturdy but the leather binding isn’t all that necessary. The Axe head is forged very well and snug to where there is no wiggle due to it being pinned.

I bought one hoping the quality was up to what they said. I bought another after receiving it because it is absolutely beautiful and everything as advertised.

Tree of life

Beautiful ring as alway
Many thanks

Not as described

Instead of getting one braclet you get four small once. One of those already broke when trying it on. Not worth it!

Cracked on the side

I got my horn not long ago and decided that today I would try it. After finishing off my mead and rinsing it out I noticed a crack on the side of it that leaked out water when I tested it. Area in the blue circle is where the crack is for both inside horn and outside horn. Video included as well.

Thanks for the video and sorry for the inconvenience. We have sent you a replacement.

Unique and amazing piece! Fit just right 👌🏼

Oh. My. Gosh! They look and feel like real leather, and they're very well made! I have to have someone else lace them up for me whenever I put them on because they're so sturdy (made of pleather possibly? A very thick material like leather) and strong I can't pull it tight enough myself.
On that note, don't actually fight with these if you want to keep them looking clean and pretty. They're very sturdy, yes, but they're not invincible. They will get scratched and peel.
Additionally, do wear something underneath them or lower their position on your arms because the part that rests on your wrist will irritate your skin and become painful if not.

Great accessories. Be sure you take them out of packaging and let them air out. Very strong smell. Also a little bit stiff so be sure you tie them into shape before you wear them.

Too stiff

Super sharp and fitting. Great product.
Also, shipping is fast and customer service is amazing.

I am totally impressed with this knife. It is sharp and fully functional; very rustic and the sheath is VERY well constructed. I would recommend this 'set' as a great buy!

Looks and feels the part!

Ordered a pair after seeing battle scenes in Vikings:Valhalla showing two 1 handed axe fighting style. Delivered within 2 weeks of ordering. They look amazing and feel very solid, tough weapons, the head being firmly attached. These are NOT toys! The blades are weighty and very sharp so be extremely careful if using for cosplay. You could easily send someone to Valhalla for real with this, so don't use for actual re-enactment or LARP combat and be fully aware of the laws regarding offensive weapons in your area before thinking about taking these out in public.

Thanks a lot! Your words mean a lot.

Norse Raven Viking Ring
Regan Baxter

Absolutely love the design of the ring, but super disappointed to have it for less than a month and already start to discolor. I haven't exposed it to any special liquids other than soapy water when washing my hands.


Amazing necklace, quality and design is perfect, good weight also , look forward to next purchase

Size is exact does what it says it does very cool and mesmerizing. I thought it was good for the money. Cones do burn really fast and leaves gooey film at the end that is kind of hard to clean up but not bad


i absolutely love them looks: 10/10 amazing, smells: had to get used to it (Manly) Taste of Mead out of it: as always Great

World Serpent Ring
Kenna Hintz

This is such an amazing piece!! Its adjustable as long as you're gentle with it and its adorable!!

Super sturdy and cute. Worked great for my outfit.