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Based on 2011 reviews

I took a gamble on this because I thought it wasn't gonna be a good knife but actually it’s lovely and very sharp

Absolutely beautiful & very sharp. Love it.

I have had this knife for about 9 months now. It's still got a good sharp edge on it. I like the weight feel of it when cutting. Just noticed it's starting to get rust spots. I'm pretty good about cleaning and putting it away after use. I can't say 100% of time there's not a tad bit of water after cleaning so I guess make sure it's ultra dry before storing.

overall great knife... love the designs looks and feels very durable... overall highly recommend

This knife exceeded my expectations both and quality and value… Great Knife, feels heavy. love the full tang and the grip appears to be very solid!

Nice knife for heavy cutting, sharpens easily and very sharp, little thick for some slicing tasks but great for chopping, cutting meat, vegetables

I will admit I'm not a knife aficionado but I know what I like and what works for me. I grow my own vegetables and forage for things like mushrooms so I need a good all around knife when I'm processing it all. This knife is a nice addition to my collection.

Excellent cut and the perfect grip. Every knife enthusiast can get excited about this little gem. It’s thick, heavy, sharp and on point. I love my new acquisition!

I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable these are, my only problem is I wanted beige but I received more like white ones.

A lot more comfortable than I expected. Feels almost like I'm wearing my favorite pair of sweatpants, in terms of comfortable. Very lightweight, and perfect for summer or warm festivals.

The waist felt good, I had enough room from just below my knees up, but it was tight on my calves.

I bought 5 pairs of pants for a Viking play. They work for all the characters. They look great and are well-made

Comfy can wear on a daily basis

If it weren't for my calves these would have fit perfectly, I recommend ordering a size bigger than you usually wear.

I didn't have very high expectation when I first made the purchase but however, the quality of the knife turned out to be really good. The knife is so sharp that if for some reason you are wanting to shave with it you can!

The knife is cool and very sharp, but the leather wrapped around the handle started to loosen so I replaced it with another tissue, though it looks more authentic this way.

Well made, sturdy. My fiancé loved it

It's amazing and I love it. There is only one little thing, I had to add my touch on the cover it was boring, but everything else was great about this product.

Very beautiful, well made and durable.

mixed thoughts

Although the necklace and pendant is beautiful by itself, and glows very well in the dark, am really let down by the silver color coming off, most roughly around the edges of the raven skull.

Thank you for your feedback, I'm sorry to hear about the issue with the silver color coming off, you contact the support team anytime for a possible solution or replacement.

For the price it's very good, a little too bright for my taste but it will be skated afterwards

The piece is very beautiful. Pity that it comes varnished, takes away a little bit of the medieval aesthetic I was looking for. I'll try to pass a matte varnish.

its decent. the material is not the sturdiest but it should hold up and looks quite convincing for pu leather.

No smell, dimension as described.

I highly recommended!