Viking Axe with Engraved Runes

Inspired by original Norse axes, we forged this Viking axe with careful attention to details to produce a fine and authentic masterpiece.

The head is made of high carbon steel which makes it robust and resilient.

The handle is made of rosewood which is durable, dense and very tough. It offers good resistance and remarkable stability.

The handle is also engraved with Nordic Runes and encircled with leather straps. The leather straps are tightly fixed on the shaft to add a strong grip

What do the runes on the shaft mean?

This is a question we often get from our customers; so here is the meaning of each rune from top to bottom:


Othala represents Inheritance. It symbolizes Ancestry, Possessions, Heritage, Experience, Value.


Mannaz represents Humanity. It symbolizes Individuality, Friendship, Society, Cooperation, Help.


Algiz represents an Elk. It symbolizes Protection, Defense, Instinct, Group Effort, Guardianship.


Tiwaz represents the god Tyr. It symbolizes Masculinity, Justice, Leadership, Logic, Battle.


Hagalaz represents Hail. It symbolizes Nature, Wrath, Being Tested, Overcoming Obstacles.


Gebo represents a Gift. It symbolizes Balance, Exchange, Partnership, Generosity, Relationships.


Fehu represents Livestock. It symbolizes Wealth, Abundance, Success, Security, Fertility.


  • Materials:
    • Head: carbon steel
    • Shaft: rosewood (absorbs vibrations in a mellow way; and looks great)
    • Sheath and straps: leather
  • Dimensions:
    • Shaft: 21.65” (55cm)
    • Edge: 6.7" (17cm)
  • Weight: 3.3lbs (about 1.5kg).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Simon Hales
    Looks and feels the part!

    Ordered a pair after seeing battle scenes in Vikings:Valhalla showing two 1 handed axe fighting style. Delivered within 2 weeks of ordering. They look amazing and feel very solid, tough weapons, the head being firmly attached. These are NOT toys! The blades are weighty and very sharp so be extremely careful if using for cosplay. You could easily send someone to Valhalla for real with this, so don't use for actual re-enactment or LARP combat and be fully aware of the laws regarding offensive weapons in your area before thinking about taking these out in public.

    Thanks a lot! Your words mean a lot.

    Jim Schreuder
    Looking great!

    The axe looks amazing, the weight is perfect and the shipping was really fast.
    Thank you guys for the amazing product!
    I had a question about the meaning of the Runes and I received a reply within half an hour!

    Combat Carbon Steel Viking Axe

    This axe is the most axe i never seen 👌wonderful of piece❤..its realy looks and perfectly vikings🔥😈

    Jordan Hamrick
    Combat Carbon Steel Viking Axe

    The axe is all around great! Small thing I was dissapointed with is a dimple in my axe head right near the cutting edge. I don't know if this will weaken the blade over time but I like the look. The sheath is good also!

    Bruce Kelley
    Combat Carbon Steel Viking Axe

    Arrived in just about a week, fully tracked the entire way, arrived in good sealed packaging and the item is very good quality, weighty and very nicely finished

    Reid Brown
    Combat Carbon Steel Viking Axe

    Let me tell you, this piece of perfect craftsmanship is worth every penny. It?s gorgeous! I got it for my man, and he absolutely LOVES it. Pictures don?t do it justice.

    Jack Johnson
    Combat Carbon Steel Viking Axe

    It' just Perfect! Nice worked wood and also the steel is well crafted. The engraving is just like that i want! Thanks for this nice thing of handcraft.

    Rafael Da Silva
    Combat Carbon Steel Viking Axe

    It took a while to arrive but I guess it's because of the customs in my country (Brazil). The axe is just great though!

    Julian Owens
    Combat Carbon Steel Viking Axe

    Great axe! really GREAT! Exactly what I expected, very sharp and the handle is quite ergonomic.

    Kristian Edwards
    Combat Carbon Steel Viking Axe

    Can't be a Viking without this! Skal!