Our story

Norse religion has been one of the most influential systems of belief throughout history. Its symbols and the tales of its Gods are still widely popular today.

What makes Norse culture and religion special is, in my opinion, its Gods. Unlike the gods of other religions, the Norse Gods have a human aspects in their personality and that, maybe, is the reason why people feel closer to them.

The idea of this store came to my mind after reading Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology. A book which serves as a perfect introduction to the world of Gods, giants, and dwarfs.

At Odin's Treasures, we aim to contribute to the preservation of this culture by making its symbols as popular as possible and by making you, the reader of this article, fall in love with the old Gods every time you see that bracelet on your wrist, or that necklace on your chest.

May Odin, far-wanderer, grant you wisdom, courage, and victory.

May Thor, grant you his strength.

And may both be with you.