Viking Tunic

Picture yourself standing on the prow of a longship, the wind billowing through your tunic as you set sail to uncharted lands. Our Viking tunic captures the essence of that daring spirit, blending authenticity with modern style to create a piece that is both timeless and contemporary.
Crafted with passion and reverence for the Norse heritage, this remarkable garment will transport you to a realm where legends come alive.


  • Made of suede fabric

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Eric Watkins

Looks great

Thanks Eric! Means a lot to us.
Amazing pic!

Woodrow Becker

Le haut est incroyable, pas du tout énervant à porter et super confortable.

Easter Rippin

The product was delivered as described.

Rollin Skiles

The shirt has a great quality, it is very beautiful.

Jacky Goyette

Very good, it has pretty good quality. I bought it for a friend and I loved it.

Awesome Fit

My Viking is a very large man. Think The Mountain, but in ginger. He was so thrilled to have a tunic that fit so well. Your shop is now our go to for well made and well fitted Viking wear.

Thank you for your positive review! We take pride in providing well-made and well-fitted Viking wear for all sizes. We look forward to being your go-to shop for all things Viking. Let the adventures continue!

Richard Aaron
Tunic is great

I got my tunic and I love it. I had to get a larger size, because first one I tried ran too small. Overall I am very satisfied

Thank you for your review! We're delighted to hear that you love your tunic, we appreciate your feedback about sizing, and we're glad you found the right size in the end.

Too Short

The quality of the tunic is nice, and it fits well around me. Chose a size that best matches my tshirt size, but it's way too short. It doesn't even cover my belt, so no way could I tuck it into my kilt. Check the sizing before you order!

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear you appreciate the quality and fit of the tunic. We apologize for any inconvenience regarding the length, please contact our support team to arrange for a larger size replacement.

Jarrett Janssen

Have not worn yet , looks great.

Thank you for your feedback! We hope you enjoy wearing it when the time comes.

William Damewood
Great tunic!

Light and comfortable as I live in a much warmer climate than a traditional Viking!

Thank you for your positive feedback! We're delighted to hear that you find our tunic comfortable.