Viking Titanium Arm Ring

Arm rings are sacred. As important to Norsemen as food, and more valuable than gold.

Made of solid titanium, this arm ring is built to last.

P.S. Because they're handmade, there may be some slight differences between each arm ring. We believe this makes each one unique in itself.


  • Materials: titanium steel.
  • Weight: 0.71oz — 20g.
  • Inner diameter: 2.56" — 6.5 cm (it can be adjusted by stretching/pressing it from the sides)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Robert Murphy

Nice bracelet. The fit and finish is pretty great for something at this price and it hasn't left any weird marks or stains on my skin. Really enjoying it.

Victor Moen

This arm ring is a nice diameter, good craftsmanship, sturdily built and holds up well. I have worn mine every day since purchase. I work in it, (yard work, hammering, grinding, etc.) and also shower with it as well. It is a very good product for the price.

If you are a person that works a lot with a computer and keyboard, etc., it is just the right diameter to not interfere with typing as well. Would not hesitate to purchase this again.

Bo Robert Öhrström
Viking Arm ring

Nice look and great quality! Could have been more flexible for adjustment !

Glad you like it.
Thanks for the feedback, we'll work in that!

Frank DeMichele
Too small

It is a little tight. Hard to get on and off.

Viola Ib.

I bought 4 of these for our sons. They are as different as they can possibly be- a soldier, truck driver, computer expert and a marine- but they all LOVED this bracelet.

Clare Bechtelar

All perfect but took 3 weeks to arrive!