Viking Longship Building Blocks

Shipbuilders played a crucial role in the expansion and success of the Viking civilization.

The famous Viking longships were used for raiding and warfare. They were long and narrow, with a shallow draft, allowing them to navigate shallow waters and make landings on beaches. They were also designed to be fast and agile, allowing them to quickly approach and board enemy vessels.

Now you too can be a shipbuilder with this set of Viking ship building blocks!

This set is a fun and educational toy for children and adults alike. The blocks are made of durable and easy to handle plastic to construct a detailed replica of the Viking longship.

The set comes with instructions that are easy to follow and includes a range of pieces, including sails, oars, and shields, to help you create a fully-realized longship that is both historically accurate and aesthetically pleasing.


  • Contains 463 pcs
  • Made of eco-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, harmless ABS
  • Final product size: 12"x7.4"x10.5" (30.2x18.7x26.6cm).

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Shanel Lindgren

Great product, I believe it is better as a decoration item than as a toy!

Treva Stehr

Fast delivery, all parts complete, no defects.

Zachary Bednar

I like the viking boat. It is a great build, had all the pieces and very creative use of pieces and good quality parts. It will go well with my other LEGO viking sets!

Shipping was also very fast.


Jonathan Rohan

Superr, the product is of very good quality, for such a price, I recommend it, it's a sad that there are not many of these self-made, I would like more, I ordered 4 ships, I plan to take another 6.

Braden Volkman

Very good looking moc, a bit delicate on the front and back but that's a design issue. There are some substitutions for certain pieces, like the clips holding the shields on the side, but it works well and is actually more secure with the substitutions. Plenty of extra pieces as well, came in good packaging. Overall quite satisfied.

Alphonso Schowalter


Flo Rutherford

Its a nice bit of lego!,

Only issue is with the instructions. Step 24 is impossible to do. But I skipped this step and it no difference to the end result!

Halle Emmerich

Super set,I enjoyed building it

Tracey Waters

It was sent to me before the estimated time, plus it arrived with all the pieces, as shown in the picture, recommended.

Sandrine Weimann

can't wait to build