Norse Ravens Tapestry

Ravens are associated with the All-father and the Val-father Odin.

Hang this tapestry masterpiece in your house and invite the Wise Wanderer to your place by saying his name and by praising him.


  • Made of polyester

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Nordic centerpiece. It was the background for a baby shower.


Awesome print, nice lightweight fabric that is soft and drapey. We used one as a tablecloth, for our "Viking" room, where we hold our pagan meetups. The other one I got is hanging in my husband's computer room (Valhalla awaits) and he absolutely loves it! A must have for pagan decor


I love it 🥰 it’s a great size and it gets lots of compliments I did have to thoroughly research all Odin, his ravens and, such since I have friends that ask a lot of questions but I love it


looks amazing! a lil thin but sturdy. The edging is made so you can tack it with out damaging it too much. Its just big enough to block out a large window, would take 2 hung the other way to block out a sliding glass window. It might seem a bit much for a peace of cloth but it was worth it.


I got the larger tapestry and when opening it up, it is a good size. I didn't want to hang it with pins or put holes in it, but I was able to hang it with 5 Command Strip Clips. From across the room the image is great. Up close, it is very noticeable that it was a picture that was blown up larger than its normal pixel ratio. Image is only on one side, so I wouldn't recommend for a window. It is also not good material for a blanket, but could be easily sewn onto a comforter or quilt and used as a blanket that way.

Cheryl Plom
Raven tapestry

Beautiful tapestry. Lightweight and easy to hang. Bold colors are vivid.

It's wonderful to know that the bold colors added vibrancy to your space. We appreciate your feedback and hope you continue to enjoy your tapestry!

William Bennett
I absolutely love it

I have it hanging above the headboard of my bed and it adds an amazing look to my bedroom

Thank you for you review. We take pride in creating products that not only look great but also add value to our customers' lives. It's great to know that our product has made a positive impact in your home.

David Andrecht

Norse Ravens Tapestry