Wolves Holding Mjölnir Necklace

A one-of-a-kind Viking necklace for Norse mythology enthusiasts!

Put Thor's hammer and Odin's wolves on your chest and may the Old Gods be with you!

wolves and mjolnir

A symbol of power and abundance

The pendant of this Viking jewelry is Mjölnir (Thor's hammer).

Mjölnir is no ordinary hammer! It's used both as a devastating weapon and as a divine instrument to provide blessings.

The hammer is a symbol of strength and power, but also a symbol of agriculture and fertility as Thor was also the patron saint of farmers.

Wolves have a unique place in Norse culture

Holding the pendant are the two wolves of Odin!

Geri and Freki who are the two wolves that are said to accompany the Allfather Odin.

After creating the world with his brothers, Odin became lonely traveling by himself so he created them.

The ruler of Asgard and the wolves quickly became inseparable. They traveled the world together they sat with him on his table in Asgard.


  • Made of solid stainless steel.
  • Weight: 5.6 oz (about 160 grams).

Customer Reviews

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John Sypien

I absolutely love it
It's Heavy built sturdy
Looks Awesome
I wear mine always
Proud of my Viking Heritage

Thanks for the feedback! Great photo!


Finally got my necklace and I love it. I like the nice littel box it came with to lol I've made a mistake on the size so I hope to buy another so I can where it proudly. SKAL!!

Great product!

Bought this a few weeks ago but I screwed up and bought the wrong size.... Well long story short, my son now has one and I ordered a second one! (at the proper size this time). Here is the pictures of the first order, will add second order pictures when it arrives.

Awesome company and products

I am very pleased with my purchase. Will be buying from them again.

Jim Walsh

Really great piece of jewelry. Love it. Thank you

Thanks Jim!

Rob Reilly

This piece is absolutely beautiful... ive had it on for 3 hours and have had 2 ppl ask me about it.. its heavy and shiny and I love it.... VALHALLA AWAITS!

Thank you! To Valhalla!

Frederic Cole

it's a beautiful necklace, very nicely built. it is quite heavy compared to pretty much every necklace i own. My only complaint is the sheer size of it. It seems like everything was made oversized. if you have a smaller frame/build this necklace may look ridiculous on you. If i had the choice, i personally would shrink the thickness of the chain and the size of Geri, and Freki by about 25% so they don't seem so gaudy. other than that, beautiful piece of Norse jewelry. Hail Odin.

We appreciate your feedback.


The chain and the hammer are very nicely designed. It's not painted with gold spray ( so when you scratch it comes off) and it's very sturdy. Both the necklace and the pendant feels heavy. Not too heavy to hurt, but heavy enough to know it's not hollow.

Lovely picture!
Thank you.

Leonel Adams

amazing quality

Patrick Weber
Geri & Freki with Mjolnir King Chain Necklace

Super beautiful, good quality, i love it