Fenrir Wolf Viking Necklace

This is a symbol of freedom, rebelliousness, and ferocity.

Despite his role as Odin’s killer and bringer of Ragnarök, Fenrir isn't viewed as strictly evil in Norse culture. He, as well as his sibling Jörmungandr, is considered inevitable and a part of the natural order of the cycle of life.

Ragnarök isn't just the end of the world either, but an end of a cycle, after which history would repeat itself again and again.

Put this Fenrir pendant on your chest and conquer the hardships of life with ferocity and belief that life is a continuous story of birth, death, and rebirth.


  • Made of solid stainless steel
  • Chain: 23.62" (60cm).
  • Pendant: 1.57" x 1.77" (4cm x 4.5cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Quintero Jimmi

Its everything that I'm looking for, the fenrir necklace I received was fucking awesome, how beautiful it looks in person, but this site is one and everything what you looking for..

Thanks a lot!


Real stainless steel. im allergic to fake metals and i was very hesitant but its definitely real. beautifully crafted and amazing quality. 11/10


Absolutely beautiful necklace; even better in person! I am excited to gift this to my friend, who can trace their ancestral deities to this region of the world. I will likely purchase another soon! Highly, highly recommend.

Rob Bruen

I've worn this pendant constantly (in the bath / shower / etc.) for almost a month now and while it looks "lived-in", it's still as shining and beautiful as ever!

Hal Stracke

I love this pendant design. It's so dynamic in it's execution. It's not just a flat picture but a fully raised and detailed design that is textured and dimensional. The metal it nice and sturdy so it doesn't bend or give but it's quite lightweight which really makes this medallion practically wearable. The chain design is quite nice too. It's not just strong on a cord like some of these medallions. I was just really pleased with the quality and results of the piece.

Antoine Lesch

I honestly didn’t know what I was really gonna get because of the price. I had a $180 cross necklace before this one that I got from zales which I had misplaced, and with my Nordic roots I wanted this necklace. I honestly think this necklace has the same quality of not better. The chain seems to be made of stearling silver and is high quality.

Edward Adam

I’ve worn it every day for the last two months! No problems. High quality construction, sturdy clasp and lovely.

Clyde Lemke

Took two weeks to arrive. Love it!

Mary Arnold

Excellent product. The quality is exceptional. Exactly as described and exactly as pictured.

Scott Nichols

looks great!