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October 20, 2022 2 min read

While there may be some of us who would love to go around in a linen tunic and trousers, wearing furs and toting a great shield and axe, it’s not always practical for the day to day and probably wouldn’t go over too well on the bus, in the office, or at family parties.

Fortunately, there are still ways to rep your Viking spirit, and tell people about your heritage and interest without looking like you’re going to raid Lindisfarne. 


Perhaps one of the first things people will notice about what you’re wearing is your shirt. It’s a bold statement, and if you’re going to wear a design on your shirt, it says a lot about you and your interests. 

Take this shirt for example; with a quote from theVolsunga Saga, it inspires courage, fortitude, and even serenity of mind in yourself and others by reminding them of the nature of fate, and of life.


We’ve written several articles now about tattoos, and there is no more permanent way to tell people what you believe and how you feel than with a tattoo.

A carryover from the period of the Vikings themselves, choose wisely, choose thoughtfully, and tell the world what strength flows in your veins with symbols from one of the most feared civilizations of the ancient world.


For those seeking something more subtle, jewelry of many different kinds may be the way to go.

Rings are a fantastic statement and will often spur conversations.

Necklaces also offer a way to incorporate Viking style into your day to day.
Inspire courage and strength with Mjolnir, guidance and protection with the Helm of Awe, or resoluteness with Fenrir.


Hats, caps, belts and more are all great ways for the everyday Viking to say it with symbols. Many of the products available on our website offer ways to up your style, and not go overboard into the realm of cosplay. Below, are just a few examples: 


With a variety to choose from, our beanies offer Norse inspired designs with a material that's comfortable for daily life.


A sturdyhairpin, designed with traditional materials reminds everyone that you’re a shieldmaiden, not afraid to get things done! Not to mention, it’s practical!

Hair Beads

Also, take a look to ourhair beads! Unmistakably Norse in design, and easy to incorporate in braids or other styles, these pieces add just a touch of flair to the everyday hair.

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